Saturday, November 3, 2012

When should I send my Christmas cards?

No one really likes to receive a Christmas card in November; it feels far too early, as after all the big day is still nearly a month away. However, you need to avoid going to the other extreme and not sending your cards in time, or your recipients won’t receive their card till into the New Year. Although it doesn’t apply to those cards you can hand deliver, don’t forget that with a lot more people sending cards and parcels at this time of year the postage is a lot slower than it would usually be. Within the UK this year, the last day that Royal Mail can guarantee that your card will be received by Christmas is 18th December for second class postage and 20th December if sending first class.  However, if you are sending cards to friends and family abroad, you need to leave yourself more time; for cards going to Asia and Australasia by airmail you need to post them in early December. It often makes sense to include a gift card within your envelope if you want to send a present, but don’t know what item to get. Remember though that if you are including any other items that it is essential to have your package weighed, as if the correct postage has not been paid, you risk the parcel not reaching them in time for Christmas. When including gifts you can be safe in the knowledge that the firm will have courier insurance, so should the item be lost or damaged, it will be covered.