Friday, July 26, 2013

The Price Ranges Of Wedding Invitations And What To Expect

Without a doubt, wedding invitations are the first glimpse and essence an invited guest gets to see of what is to be your momentous event. It is no wonder brides-to-be want this first impression to be captivating and beautiful.

However, the matter of cost for wedding invitations can put a damper on many wedding budgets especially if the budget was skeletal to begin with. Wedding invitations are most often an extension of the wedding theme and colours so finding appropriate invitations that fit these requirements might end up costing a pretty penny.

On average, good quality wedding invitations cost about £2 each while handmade wedding invitations begin at around £3 each, we have some gorgeous hand made wedding invitations here. These prices dont normally include the response cards. Although a do-it-yourself bride can print these cards independently; in terms of time, supplies, and effort it might not always work out to be such a bargain after all. Typically, a full wedding invitations package would include all or some of the following:
  • At least 100 invitations/announcements and a discounted price for more if ordered at the same time
  • Envelopes and tissue papers/overlay for the wedding invitations
  • Directions, maps, and hotel accommodations cards
  • Wedding response cards (RSVPs) and envelopes
  • Save-the-date cards for out-of-town guests
  • Thank you cards and notes
  • Reception menu cards
  • Reception cards
There might be other miscellaneous cards such as those that include the website address for your wedding website and/or blog, change of address, pew cards, et cetera.