Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Super Size Greeting Cards

If you're looking for luxury handmade cards to impress your friends or loved ones, then look no further than Gibson Doyle. We have just introduced a fantastic new ‘Supersize your Card’ upgrade for the 2015 season.

Any of our card designs can now be made up into an A4 size card. All the greeting cards are made to a high standard and provide a personalised touch that cannot be achieved anywhere else. The designs are created by head designer Helen Doyle, and only the best quality materials are used guaranteeing customer satisfaction. These materials are designed to last so that friends and family can continue to enjoy their greeting card design and message for years to come. As many materials as possible are also sourced from local suppliers, so we put back into the community.

The supersize cards are made to order, however turnaround time for this product is suprisingly quick, often two business days, depending on the desired level of detail.

In order to ensure customer satisfaction, a .pdf proof of the text on your greeting cards will be e-mailed to you to verify the accuracy of your message. Any changes are free, we want to provide you with the perfect Supersized card.

Have your greeting, birthday or ocassion card stand-out from all the rest; you will be hard-pressed to find such fantastic supersized cards anywhere else. Spread the word about Gibson Doyle supersized cards this season, for it's the gift that keeps on giving.

Super Size Greeting Cards