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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Your Quick Guide to Wedding Stationery

Planning your wedding can be a little bit hectic at times. Whilst you are trying to book the reception hall and secure your church it can be very easy to overlook the small things such as your wedding stationary. On this post I want to run you through the various types of stationary that you may need for your event.

Wedding Invitations: This is without a doubt the most important part of your wedding stationary. After all, you want people to turn up at your wedding right? As soon as that date and location is booked you want to be sending these out to everybody. Sure, some people may already know when the day is, but don’t forget to send them an invite too, they will love it as a memento of a great day out. 

If not everybody will be attending the whole day, then you will also need to consider getting day invites and evening invites drawn up too.  Save the Date cards are also good, but not necessary.
Reply Cards: OK, so the invitations are out. You need to know who is coming to the wedding don't you ? Well, this is where your reply cards are going to come in handy. Give your guests something easy to use to reply to you. They can pick up the telephone, but many happy couples want to keep a record of who attended their wedding, and these reply cards are going to be great for that.
Menus: Serving food at your event? Don’t go with the menus that the caterers supply, instead get some printed up which fits in with the rest of the theme of your wedding stationary.
Order of Service: Again, the Order of Service is going to serve as a good reminder of your event. They aren’t always necessary, but it is very good to have them. The church may supply them, but again try to get ones that fit in with the rest of the day.
Place Cards and Table Plan: This is to help people know where they are going to sit during the wedding reception. It adds a real touch of formality to the whole affair.
Guest Book: Surprisingly many couples actually forget about Guest Books. I suggest that you don’t. The idea of these is to let guests leave their well wishes to you. Again, this is going to make an absolutely fantastic reminder of the event!
Thank You Notes: Once the dust is settled it is time to send out your Thank You messages. This lets people know that you were glad to have them at your event, and that you want to say thank you for spending such a happy day with you!

Of course, this is just a guide to the various components of wedding stationary that you will need to organise for your event. You will also need to plan the overall look of your stationary, from your wedding invitations all the way through to your order of service. You are going to want to try and get them looking the same so that you can really set the theme of your wedding. My suggestion is to try and get them hand-made. Yes, this will cost you slightly more, but small things like this will make the wedding experience better for all involved. We've got some fantastic Wedding Stationery designs for you to chose from